It is typically a four day event and is celebrated in many different ways. Some spend it with their families for get togethers, to enjoy the music, to explore the local cultural events. There are so many reasons why this is so popular.

Each country will celebrate this in different ways. In Ecuador it is known as a time of year which people get each other wet by throwing water at each other, it is more likely to find younger children throwing water at others and complete strangers, so it is important for travellers to bear this in mind when going to Ecuador.

The main centre is in Guaranda. It is a remote location in the slopes of Mount Chimborazo which is normally quiet and serene however during the period of carnaval turns into the lively party centre. If you find yourself in this region expect to see parades, hear lots of music, see lots of dancing and indulge in lots of food and drinking! Throwing water here is seen as childs play, they would much rather throw things such as flour and starch so expect to get a little messy.

One of the most fascinating and enjoyable things about a foreigner going to this is experiencing the culture. The four day proceeding will be full of colourful outfits and local lively music. No matter where you go during this time you will not ever forget where you are.

This is a hot country, which will seem even more unbearable for those who come from slightly milder areas. For those who want to experience carnaval but still stay cool and stay slightly outside the thick of it you can enjoy the beaches. Opting for this means you will experience a different kind of culture and experience however you will still experience which carnaval has to offer.

This is a massive event. If you are not lucky enough to have booked a holiday here and it falls on the dates you are there then lucky you. If not and you are realising now that you would quite like to experience all that Ecuador has to offer then it may just be a little too late. Most hotels and rooms are booked weeks if not months prior to the event so it would take a miracle to get one now.

If you would like to go to the carnaval in Ecuador and are kicking yourself because you have left it too late to book anything do not worry, you can be sure it will be bigger and better next year so put those important dates in your diary! For those that are in Ecuador then this is a must, enjoy the culture, and experience something mind blowing.

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