The Ministry considers that the proximity in which the sites are “allowing tourists have different experiences in different worlds in record time.”

The modality of “Multi” is one of the main approaches that contains the Draft Comprehensive Plan Update of Ecuador Tourism Marketing 2010-2014, “led by the portfolio of the industry.

It aims to “exploit the tourist mega-merger of Ecuadorian territory, selling products through an integrated circuit, with additional destinations that are listed among the best in the world,” the ministry said in a statement.

Remember that the Galapagos Islands are listed among the most important globally, as well as the segment within the Amazon forest and parks, including the Andes and the coast are magnificent landscapes and a vast cultural wealth.

For the Argentine Gustavo Bassoti, who led the project, it aims at a better positioning of products inclusive tour “to generate a more equitable distribution of income generated by this activity in different regions of the country.

“The idea is to promote not only a destination, but mixed in several packages of them to the different tourist segments have the option to experiment with different activities at the same time,” he said.

As an example he referred to the adventure tourism on the coast and the Amazon, Galapagos and ecotourism in Andean colonial cities, including: “This product will be a hook for the promotion of another,” said the expert.

The “Marketing Plan” was developed based on three steps: analysis of the current situation, developing a market strategy and approach to a product strategy.

The group called “key markets” includes United States, Germany, Spain and neighboring countries like Peru and Colombia, the “complementary markets and potential customers,” point to Western Europe (France, Italy, England, Belarus) in the Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, Brazil) and Canada.

The “market opportunities” sets its goals in Venezuela and Panama.

At the national level, however, the project aims to Ecuadorian tourists, hikers and social tourism, “which allows the poor access to tourist attractions,” said the statement.

Faced with the global economic crisis, Bassotti believed that Ecuador should view it as an opportunity to promote the country and diversify destinations and that the crisis is concentrated in the financial markets of developed countries.

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