n case you are planning to travel an unusual trip through an old but modern city, then there can be nothing better than Quito. With a number of lodges, hotels or hostels, Ecuador vacations with a Quito Ecuador travel would never be a problem for the tourists, hikers, bikers, or climbers. Based in Quito, you can dare for an adventure in and around the Andes also. Moreover, with its nightlife, festivals, and museums, Quito has been transformed into the Cultural capital of Ecuador.

San Francisco de Quito, popularly known as Quito, is the oldest of all South American capitals and has the population of 1,399,378. The Ecuador vacations should start with this capital of Ecuador, which is situated in a narrow and extended valley at the western base of Pichincha volcano of Pichincha province along the Andes ranges. The eastern side is occupied by the Machángara River Canyon with a spectacular view. Quito is located at 25 km south of Equator at 9,350 ft (2,850m) above the sea level. It has been chosen as a World Heritage Site since 1978. Quito Ecuador travel can be a unique experience due to its cultural excellence, sculptures and churches, scenic beauty of natural hot springs, picturesque trails, ice-capped volcanoes, rivers, its flora and fauna and above all for the unbelievable bargain while shopping. Without these your Ecuador vacations may remain incomplete. People are drawn here from various parts of the world by its immaculate splendor of nature.

The modern name of the city ‘Quito’ was adopted from the name of one of the indigenous groups who used to dwell in this area in the pre-Columbian period. During the early 16th century, Quito was the capital of the northern part of Incan kingdom which they destroyed into rubbles in 1533. But the Spanish conquerors rebuilt it after one year. Nowadays the city of Quito has an Old and a New half. The ‘New City’ is completely built with modern concept while the ‘Old City’ still bears the colonial features. Your Ecuador vacations or the Quito Ecuador travel should cover both the Old and the New city in combination to have a glimpse of the present on the backdrop of the glorious past.

Though the climate normally varies due to variation of altitudes and time of year, for those who take up Quito Ecuador travel, the climate is favorable with average 15?C temperature. Two seasons, comprising of dry summer for four months (June to September) and wet winter (October to May) with occasional sunny days, make the tours enjoyable throughout the year. The itinerary before reaching Quito should be thoughtfully packed, keeping the diverse microclimate in the mind. In case your arrival time is after sunset, you may expect ice-cold breeze to welcome as the night temperature drops to 7? C (55? F).

Quito Ecuador travel is convenient with easy access of transport system. Travelers generally avail the flights to reach the International airport of Quito (Mariscal Sucre). One can also take up the bus route as well which has got a good network service. Existence of two bus stations namely, Terminal Terrestre Cumandá and La Ofelia, have made it extremely convenient for travelers. Taxis are also easily available but take care to find a welcoming and candid driver.

Information are plenty on quito ecuador travel, just make a well sketched travel plan before you get…set…and start for a fabulous Ecuador vacations, which can be described as ‘The paradise for the adventurers’.