Ecuador to Get Sustainable Tourism Boost

The government in Ecuador will pour $50 million of investment into the country’s tourism in order to improve economic conditions and provide a way of preserving the country’s natural resources.

A new campaign will start during May in the UK, promoting the area as an outstanding tourist destination as part of a wider vision to see the country established as one of the world’s top holiday choices. The government recognises the ability of tourism to provide an economic boosts to indigenous communities in Ecuador. The government also hopes that tourism can play a part in preserving the country’s four main natural attractions: the Galapagos Islands, the Andean highlands, the Amazin Basin and the coastal tropical plains.

At present, tourism is the fourth largest source of income in the country, and experienced an 8.3 per cent increase in visitor numbers in 2010 to reach an unprecedented one million international visitors. The upcoming campaign will see Ecuador holidays pitted against destinations such as Peru and Brazil, and will target independent travellers.

“Our country is extraordinary,” said Ana Alban, Ecuador’s Ambassador in London. “You’ll find many of the things within our borders that people travel the length and breadth of South America to see. Now is the time to help travellers discover Ecuador.”

The government was keen to ensure that tourism would not be boosted at the expense of the country’s environmental integrity. Freddy Ehlers, the minister of tourism for Ecuador, stressed that any schemes implemented would focus on sustainability and environmental concerns.

“Our natural environment is precious and the campaign targets thinking tourists who will recognise the value of our natural heritage and people – Ecuador is a country these people will fall in love with,” said Mr Ehlers. “Tourism can really make a difference to people’s lives, and the Ecuadorian people really welcome visitors into their communities,” he added.

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