Shopping in Ecuador has always brought great pleasure for tourists. If you are looking for souvenirs to bring back home from Ecuador then, it has lots to offer. The most frequent souvenirs that most travelers buy are the handicraft items. Ecuador has a long list of handicraft items, which you can buy. There are different handcraft products flooded in the markets of Ecuador.

The local markets are a great treat to see, as there are varieties of beautiful and colorful products displaying around. In Cuenca, there are many shops with beautiful items like local made jewelries and decorative pieces with exclusive designs. In Calderon, you will find the famous bread dough figures. It is an amazing art crafted with care and fashioned beautifully by the local artisans. They are great to bring back home, as there are beautiful and small. These bread figures are not eatable as large amount of coloring, glue and varnish have been used. These bread figures are adorned in key rings, cocktail sticks, earrings, fridge magnets and many more.

Woodcrafts are also famous in Ecuador. In San Antonio de Ibarra, you will find woodcarving in different designs and sizes. Colorful balsa wood birds are famous in Puyo and Pastaza. In Pujili, a ceremonial mask made out of wood is a must-have. These wonderful pieces of art are fascinating to see even if you are buying. The artisans can fashion anything out of wood. Cotacachi in Imbabura offers you the biggest products of leather from jackets, trousers, shoes, bags, belts, bags, saddles and knife-edges.

If you are looking for a more interesting and premium souvenir the Ecuador Panama hat will fit the bill. These straw hats are made in Ecuador. The name ‘Panama hat’ is just a misnomer. Most tourists would often pick these straw hats. The Panama straw hats are hand weaved by the local weavers in Montecristi and Cuenca. The straw hat will make an attractive gift or gifts for your love ones. They are sold everywhere in Cuenca and Montecristi. You will get the finest Ecuador Panama hats in Montecristi. Montecristi hats are the most sought after straw hats in the world. In Cuenca, you will find many Panama hat factories and shops that sell only the genuine Panama straw hats. These straw hats can also be rolled up. Travelling with these roll up hats will not be a great problem. Of all other things in Ecuador, the Panama Hats will make a great souvenir.

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