This past February the world’s largest solar powered boat visited the Galapagos Islands.  Named the MS TURANOR Planet Solar, the boat can welcome over 200 people aboard, and is powered using 500 square meters of solar panels.

The TURANOR is journeying around the world, though it specifically chose to stop at the Galapagos to help promote conservation efforts taking place on the islands.  The boat’s crew hopes that their presence will help promote the use of renewable energy both on the islands and around the world.

Though you unfortunately won’t be travelling by solar boat on your Galapagos cruise, you will still get to see the amazing sites the TURANOR took in on its’ journey.  Teams doing their project on the Galapagos will also be working towards conserving the islands and the various endangered species that make it their home.  As a company, World Challenge greatly encourages responsible travel, and we are constantly working to improve our green credentials.

To read more about TURANOR’s trip to the Galapagos and see additional photos of the ship, check out this story on WWF.  Be sure to continue following its’ journey as it works to be the first solar powered boat to circumnavigate the globe!

To see the boat in action, check out the video below (try and ignore the corny music!):